The Carters


Dave Carter


David Carter as a plebe in 1977

David Carter as a plebe in 1977

Because I was in the Class of '80, I have intimate knowledge of that time and place. (I beat out 135 other high school seniors in Delaware in 1976 for Joe Biden's nomination.) However, the story is complete fiction based on historical facts, NOT biographical, though I did write about what I know about = being a prankster and falling in love. I aimed to entertain a wide audience without grinding a political axe, yet convey the reality of how our country grooms young men and women who eventually hold the highest ranks in our military. They are the ones who must decide for the rest of us, in the words of The Moody Blues, “which is right, and which is an illusion” when told to push The Button.

Alyssa Carter


This story has been very important to my dad, since he began writing it 20+ years ago. It became clear to me that the only way he'd be able to tell it, is if I got on board to help produce it. Having a BFA in Film Production, as well as starting/running a production company, Cairn Studios, I thought, "Let's bring his story to life."

Our goal is to present the central themes of his script, capturing them within a five minute piece. We created this teaser of The Land I Once Knew to establish a proof-of-concept so that we can expand and build this project into something bigger.